Palatschinken (Austrian Crêpes)

A traditional Austrian dish that resembles the probably better known French crêpes.


Risotto with Green Asparagus

The creamiest way to eat asparagus – my vegan version of “risotto con asparagi”, a speciality of Emilia-Romagna in the north of Italy.

Peas and Pasta

A quick recipe ideal for weekday dinners. Crispy peas and whole-wheat pasta in a creamy white sauce make a good source of vegan protein.

Leek Quiche

Ceci n’est pas une quiche … Instead of short pastry, it has yeast dough, instead of eggs and cheese, it has soy curd and psyllium husks, instead of bacon it has smoked tofu … and it has a lot of leeks!

​Risi e Bisi

A simplified vegan version of the famous Venetian dish.

Minestrone Genovese

Lettuce in a soup may sound odd at first, but give it a try – it’s a surprise hit.